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Company Profile

Primus@Knowledge Specialists, Inc. is dedicated to helping companies achieve business growth through outsourcing partnership. Armed with more than 7 years of experience, Primus is always up-to-date with industry best practices to make businesses grow more.


Service-Driven Dedication

Primus@Knowledge Specialists, Inc. envisions to magnify the success of both local and international businesses through outsourcing. The commitment in providing highly-competent professionalsfor outsourcing is its core business competence.


Dependable Professionals

Primus@Knowledge Specialists, Inc. takes pride in their screening process by the highly-trained HRD professionals who give out recommendations that are tailor-fit for business needs.

Primus believes in careful and customized attention to detail for each individual client. From outsourcing and deployment of skilled professionals, Primus has got you covered. 


IT Consulting and Outsourcing

Primus’s competitive edge lies in its expertise with technical consulting and human resource development. Businesses can benefit from the network of professionals trained in industry standards and telco best practices.


Tried and Tested HRD

Primus also has extensive experience in providing HRD needs for clients. Businesses can get help in executive search, staffing requirements, integrated software solutions, and integrated HRD and IT services. Consult with Primus to get you started on your HRD and IT needs.


Primus@Knowledge Specialists, Inc. is duly registered under DOLE department Order No. 174, Series of 2017.


Talk to us to know more about how Primus can help you deliver results. Primus offers consulting and outsourcing for businesses. We provide solutions that work and knowledge that leads to success.

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